TypeR Mini

This is a mini-view of TypeR, which can type, but with little UI. You can expand to the full version here.

plain shift lowercase nekudot


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Have you ever wanted to type in character sets other than English? I know I have! That's why I created TypeINT.com, the main feature of which will be the TypeR program. TypeR is a program to type in character sets other than English. Read more…


TypeR (stable) (for all)
Type in character sets other than standard English
Hebcal JS (stable) (for JavaScript programmers)
Convert and calculate dates on the Hebrew calendar
critical.js (beta) (for web developers)
Adds crucial functions to built-in JavaScript objects
TimeSince (alpha) (for all)
How long has it been since ny point in time since the beginning of 1970? Use this handy tool to find out!
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